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Ready to fix your slice and hit more bombs? Little Gregor is the most simple, practical and affordable swing aid solution.

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Easy As 1, 2, 3

One of the most common drills taught by golf instructors just got better!

No more chasing your head cover into the middle of the driving range.

Little Gregor 🦖 is a headcover that also serves as a barrier to get your swing on plane. This trains you to slice the ball less and hit more BOMBS 💣.

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Little Gregor's 3 Talents

Let Little Gregor Help You Fix Your Slice

A slice is caused by two factors 1) An open club face & 2) An over-the-top swing.

Most amateur golfers have a difficult time correcting the second.

Little Gregor serves as a swing barrier to train your brain🧠 to swing the club more inside-out. This will help to fix your slice and hit the ball further.

Learn to hit a draw

Swing more inside-out

Always stays with you

Little Gregor Has You Covered

Your new playing companion fits great on any Driver or 3 Wood while you're out on the course.

A Useful Companion

Protects Your Clubs

Always Ready to Crack a Cold One!🍻

Little Gregor always comes prepared and is ready to celebrate each birdie with you.

Cheers! 🍻

Never Drink Alone

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